Women today are desperate for sleep! So desperate that they are willing to risk the side effects of Tylenol PM, Lunesta, or Ambien. These drugs and sleeping pills don't get to the root of sleep problems, and can leave women feeling awful in the morning. The good news is that you can reset your sleep-wake cycle by understanding more about its root causes and working with nature's safe and effective supplements to gently remind the body to rest.

Like it or not, we are constantly exposed to light and electronic pollution. Unlike our ancestors, we can have light, instant communication, and electronic entertainment at any hour of the day without even leaving our homes! These luxuries send wake-up messages to the brain and can confuse the body when it's time to sleep. Lights also allow us to work longer hours, make trips late at night, and many other things to ignite the nervous system and heighten our stress response.

Sleep tips for every day

Eat and drink for sleep. The diet for adrenal fatigue isn’t just about food. When you eat matters as much as what you eat – as well as when and how well you sleep! Of course, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol may be factors to consider. But connect all the dots and you will heal!

Adapt your routine. Set a reasonable bedtime, unplug before bed, and try exercising in the morning or at midday instead of in the evening.

Promote good sleep hygiene. Be sure your room is dark, quiet, and has comfortable bedding. Don't allow electronics or digital clocks to "zap" you in the night.

Consider your stress and anxiety. The stress hormone cortisol is connected to our circadian rhythms. Supporting healthy cortisol balance and adrenal health may help to reset your sleep-wake cycle.

Sleep cycles gone wild — a product of our modern lifestyle

Many women are surprised to hear that our stress response is intimately connected to our sleep rhythms. Here's an overview of what can happen:

1. Any kind of stress — whether it's a traffic jam, a disturbing phone call, or simply the light of a computer screen — can send a message to the brain to prepare for "fight or flight". Unfortunately, the primitive part of our brain can't decipher a stressful phone call from a wild animal chasing us.

2. The sympathetic nervous system (see box below) helps to prepare your body for the challenge by sending messages to various glands and organs, including the adrenal glands.

3. Your adrenal glands, which hold the responsibility of mediating your stress response (and many other things), release hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

4. Cortisol is intimately linked to your circadian rhythm – the cycles of your daily life. It’s generally highest in the morning and then gradually declines through the day to prepare you for sleep at night. But when cortisol creeps up at night, the body is getting the message to stay awake and alert. Constant high cortisol levels can also lead to adrenal fatigue.

The sympathetic nervous system prepares us to meet challenges by sending messages to a number of different glands and organs, including the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are responsible for mediating our stress response through hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. The cortisol curve, which is naturally highest in the morning, can shift with unrelenting stress, making it difficult to sleep at night.

The parasympathetic nervous system helps to balance the sympathetic nervous system by allowing the body to rest, restore, and prepare for the next challenge. The parasympathetic nervous system causes our blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate to go down into a more relaxed state, while also supporting digestion and immune function.

Common things you might not think are "stressful", like certain types of lighting, computers, televisions, and cell phones, all have the ability to ignite the sympathetic nervous system. And when the stress response is heightened on a regular basis, sleep cycles can be thrown off night after night. The good news is that you can gently remind your body what time it is. And you can do this through lifestyle modifications and through herbs, minerals, and sleep-supporting molecules.


From age-old plants to the newest science, the natural sleep support options listed below are highly effective. If you are interested in a combination product, we offer Serinisol (passionflower, phosphatidylserine, calcium, and magnesium) in our Adrenal Health Program.

Natural sleep support

To shift your cortisol curve and quiet the sympathetic nervous system we can use natural support instead of over-the-counter options like Tylenol PM. Herbs and minerals like passionflower, chamomile, calcium, and magnesium can help to calm the sympathetic nervous system and encourage the parasympathetic. Naturally occurring molecules like phosphatidylserine can help moderate the stress response. Explore our natural sleep support apothecary to the right to learn more about how these natural options work with your body.

Our approach to sleep

Let's face it, our world has changed. Between artificial lighting and our responsibilities as mothers, daughters, wives, and caretakers, we are sometimes confronted with stress on an hourly or even minute-to-minute basis. No wonder we can't sleep or find anxiety relief! So we've developed an approach to help you better respond to stress in a way that doesn't compromise your health. As one of the best antidotes to stress, sleep support is an important component of this program. Here's how we can help:

  • High-quality nutrient support. We offer a doctor-formulated multivitamin, with an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium to support your bones, your body, and your sleep. And we also created an eating plan designed to work with your body to level out stress and provide enough energy to help you sail through your day.
  • Advisors you can talk to. Our Advisors are available to talk with you about your health concerns and share their wisdom about how to make our approach work for you.
  • Adaptisol. Our phytotherapeutic formulation is designed to improve the resilience of a woman's response to heightened stress in her life. It has helped thousands of women get on the path to better adrenal health.
  • Serinisol. This product combines calcium, magnesium, phosphatidylserine, and passionflower to help down-regulate your cortisol, dissolve anxiety, and support sleep naturally.

Many of us who are invested in natural health can become frustrated with all the toxins, electronics, and anxiety that are so pervasive in our modern world. Sleep is the most natural way to counteract these modern ills. We urge you to protect your sleep. Good sleep is essential to good health — and given all the wonderful sleep aids Nature has in stock, you can leave prescription and over-the-counter sleeping pills as the path of last resort to get you there. Sweet dreams!